When Diane Taylor, an MBA turned PTA mom, gives up her dreams of living happily ever after, she meets three women with absolutely nothing in common but divorce – and finds it’s more than enough to be friends. Together, they start their second acts and help each other through laughter and tears to live happier ever after. 

Whether you are among the millions of women who are divorced or are friends with one, Wife Goes On will inspire you with humor, heart and hope.

"A modern mix of “Sex & the City” and First Wives Club, this is serious fiction wrapped with a chick lit bow. Lehr keeps the plot moving with madcap hijinks and tender moments." ~ Publishers Weekly

"Wife Goes On is a tantalizing romp through the world of the newly divorced..." ~ Hope Edelman, Motherless Mothers

"Like Olivia Goldsmith before her, Leslie Lehr has done the impossible: She's made divorce into a winning, funny and inspiring activity...WIFE GOES ON isn't fictionalized self-help or mundane chick-lit; it's about loving, escaping and living again… Just like real life." ~ Tod Goldberg, Simplify

"Sexy and fabulous!" ~ Jerrilyn Farmer, Madeleine Bean Mysteries  

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sixty66 LAPS

When a ‘friend’ points out Audrey’s first gray hair, Audrey slaps her. She dives into the pool, her safe haven, but the sound echoes, causing her to act on impulse and emotion. Riddled with insecurity, Audrey is plagued by the attention her husband gives to a needy woman at work. Worse, the babe is no bimbo, she is a lot like Audrey - except younger. She debates her feelings with her colorful family and friends. But when Audrey asks her husband about it, he lies.

Convinced her husband is having an affair, Audrey is flattered by the attention of a younger man and becomes drawn to him out of curiosity, sexual attraction, and finally, a vengeful desire to stay even with her husband. Then she learns the truth: her husband was never unfaithful. And worse: she is pregnant.

Audrey’s betrayal is only the beginning of her descent into hell. The ultimate tragedy is like a game of dominoes played by all the characters, a game set in motion when her husband finds out….

Winner of the Pirates Alley Faulkner Prize

“ about the new monogamy, the old infidelity, about the power we give to strangers and fragility of intimacy. It’s about dreams and nightmares, betrayal and seduction. The voice is engaging, the characters memorable and moving, the subject important. You can’t trust a woman in love Audrey tells us. Indeed." ~ Faulkner Prize Judge's Speech given by John Dufresne

“A sweet contemporary love story with an old fashioned message”~ Kirkus (starred)

“witty dialogue, a lean plot and a few terrific one-liners…slickly composed and smoothly engaging.” ~ Publisher's Weekly

“represents the dark side of fidelity and family life. The book is suspenseful, the prose spare. Dip into 66 Laps and you may well feel compelled to race to the finish…” ~ USA Today

“beautifully written debut novel...profoundly challenges the wisdom of women returning to hearth and home to the exclusion of meaningful work.” ~ Baltimore Sun

“A neatly made drama about the plight of modern marriage.” ~ N.P.R: All Things Considered

“An enjoyable, quick read.” ~ Booklist

"Here's a book I'd like to see end up on Oprah's list: a revenge story that takes an evil twist and, in the process, makes short order of every question about marriage that contemporary feminists have about not only the institution, itself, but the people who enter into it. 66 LAPS...plays like a great movie." ~

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