What your doctor didn't tell you and your mother doesn't remember....

From scheduling your morning sickness to having sex for the first time, this book helps new moms laugh their way to a new understanding of one of life's greatest adventures.

Whether single, working, adopting, old, young, gay, or polka dotted, Club Mom celebrates the mixed blessings of what we all have in common: babies.

The short chapters, easy laughs, and sentimental support has made Club Mom a popular baby shower gift in the United States, Canada, England, and Denmark. It also inspired the name of web-based affinity group, ClubMom.com.

Each section of the book features original jokes from the series "You Know You're Member of Club Mom When...."

...intimacy means three in a bed.
...your biggest file is "restaurants that deliver."
...you suddenly own a dozen videos, all featuring animals that sing.
...you are ready for bed at the same time you used to be ready for dates.
...even your mother starts listening to you.


Grandparents can have fabulous relationships with their children - and their children's children - whether they live around the block or across the country.

HHGG highlights developmental milestones and offers gift suggestions for every age. It includes tips for in-laws, step-grandparents and those raising the grandchildren.

Featuring the original joke series, "You know you're in Club Grandma when...."

...you think it's adorable when children are on the answering machine message.
...you spend an entire day with your daughter-in-law.
...you carry a larger purse to fit all the photos. 


Wendy Bellissimo, who supplied her trademark "Moses" basket for Rachel's baby on "Friends," designs custom furniture and bedding for celebrity clients including Brooke Shields. She also has an exclusive line available at Babies"R"Us. In Nesting, she shares her design philosophy of combining whimsical elegance and functional luxury.

Nesting, a gorgeous coffee table book printed in Italy, includes photographs of custom-designed celebrity nurseries as well as baby showers, birthday parties, tips on decorating for kids of all ages - and a DVD packed with do-it-yourself craft ideas.

Leslie trailed Wendy through office meetings with textile manufacturers, home interviews at two am, obstetrician appointments, emergency room visits, and kid-crazed family dinners to get the scoop on this lifestyle guru for a new generation of hip moms.