sample chapters

PROLOGUE and Chapter 1:

No one saw the deadly crash in the canyon on that gray October morning. The weather was strange, an out-of-season sprinkle from the coastal fog drifting inland. Soggy hitchhikers huddling under the umbrella of an ancient oak tree were the last to see the black SUV as it hydroplaned past them into the Santa Monica Mountains. A muffled bass beat trailed as it climbed the winding lane, up and around the evergreen scrub, until it disappeared in the forest crowning the coastal range. A mile farther, at the lovers’ lookout above the vast checkerboard of Valley streets, tire tracks puddled with mud were the only signs of human life....  READ MORE OF THE PROLOGUE AND CHAPTER 1.

Chapter 2:

After a quiet dinner, Drew put his arm around Michelle and walked her down the bedroom hall. The first door on the left was closed, but since Nikki was out of town, that was to be expected. Drew reached to pull Tyler’s door shut just as Michelle spied the sleeping bag on the bare floor. The empty room shouldn’t have been a surprise since Tyler lived away at school, but Michelle had never stopped picturing him here. READ MORE

Chapter 3:

The aroma of strong coffee woke Michelle the next morning. Confused, she opened her eyes, expecting to see long tubes of fluorescent light above her hospital bed. Instead, there was a smooth white ceiling. She basked in the warm sunshine streaming in over the headboard and considered the empty trough in the mattress beside her. She was sore from their reunion, but that was to be expected, wasn’t it? Then she realized the bright room faced west. She must have slept late. READ MORE


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