Top 10 Reasons Why Audiobooks Make The Best Summer Reads

Audiobooks make the best summer reads. Why? Because now that the lockdown is lifting, it’s time to hit the road. Whether you’re visiting friends or family or just taking a little vacay, it’s smart to do some downloading first.

That’s why the timing for the audio release of A Boob’s Life is so exciting. Not only is it my first audio, but I’m the one reading. You get to hear the real story, how I would tell it to a friend. Fingers crossed you laugh at all the right places….

The truth is, there are dozens of reasons why audio books make the best summer reads. Here are the top ten…

1. You can take as many books as you want.

2. You won’t have to fight over the radio on road trips.

3. You can keep your headphones on and pretend you are listening to annoying people.

4. You won’t get the book wet when your annoying nephew cannonballs too close.

5. You won’t ruin your tan with a big white rectangle.

6. You can wear your cool shades instead of your reading glasses on the beach.

7. You’ll have a fun distraction while exercising for that bikini bod.

8. You’ll never be bored waiting in line for the restroom.

9. You can switch books anytime, depending on your mood.

10. No papercuts.

Bonus: No one will see the boobalicious book cover and steal your copy of A Boob’s Life.

Happy listening!

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