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Story is power. Whether writing her own projects or helping others, Leslie Lehr infuses style and substance into powerful storytelling. With twenty years of experience and clients around the world, she can translate your vision into words on the page. 

What a Mother Knows

A missing daughter, a lost memory, and a desperate need to find the truth propel Lehr’s achingly moving suspense drama. Dark and unsettling, but with a ray of hope like a splash of light, and a knockout ending you won’t see coming. — Caroline Leavitt, NYT bestselling author


From fleshing out a story arc to creating a solid structure, Leslie can make the difference between gettng published or not getting published. — Samuel W. Gailey, Deep Winter, Penguin



  • Novels and Non‐fiction, including What a Mother Knows: Reviews, Book Club, Characters & Map
  • Story Structure Consulting: translate your vision onto the page via hourly consultation, manuscript analysis, mentoring, and query letters
  • Essays from the New York Times (Modern Love), Huffington Post, Writers Digest and anthologies including Mommy Wars
  • Blog posts with practical writing advice: Novel vs. Essay, Adapting your Script to Novel, Revision
  • Event dates, interviews, speaking engagements, and conference videos
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"Leslie Lehr is a truth teller - a rare writer who untangles the realities of women's lives without flinching, while making you laugh, cry, and nod in understanding with every word." --Leslie Morgan Steiner - New York Times bestselling author