In this 2021 review, the author rethinks the decades of dismissal of horror movies made by and about women.

“…exploration of a young woman going through an extraordinary period of transformation…”

“Driven by questions of class and identity, Heartless is a fun supernatural coming-of-age story as much as it is a coming-of-health one.”

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Heartless, 2000, starring Madchen Amick, Louise Fletcher, Pamela Bellwood. Directed by Judith Vogelsang, written by Leslie Lehr (as Leslie Lehr Spirson).

This low budget indie was a first for Santa Monica Pictures. After three years in rotation on the USA Network, the film played in theaters across Europe and Asia for many years, financing the next six films for the company. In fact, the composer is still receiving royalty checks, so it’s playing somewhere in the world even now.

Director Judith Vogelsang and screenwriter, Leslie Lehr, had a great time despite losing many battles with the male producer during rewrites. She did win the battle over having the action scenes being rewritten by a man. How? By working for free. Is that winning? Let’s say yes. Now the film is being examined through a modern lens, gaining respect for exploring gender issues of social roles and status.

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Be Careful What You Wish For!

SYNOPSIS: This smart, sexy and romantic thriller has a great cast and lush settings. It starts out as a fairy tale, a shy librarian wanting the glamorous life of the society wife in her visions and becoming the unwitting next victim of her heart donor’s murderer. Based on real medical theory of cellular memory, the mystery is a twisted love story. There’s something for everyone – a perfect date flick, trashy and fun, with lots to talk about. Don’t forget the popcorn!