Leslie talks with Zibby Owens on her popular “Moms Don’t Have Time to Read Books” podcast. Watch here.







51%, a radio show that broadcasts twice-weekly in seven Eastern states, hosted Leslie in April. Beginning at Minute Five, this twelve minute chat covers the origin of the book, the origin of America’s obsession, and disparities in beauty as well as breast cancer. Listen here.






CRAFT: Authors in Conversation with Leslie Lehr & John Truby. Bestselling author Denise Kiernan talks with Leslie Lehr and John Truby in their first interview as a creative couple. Watch here.








Bookish – Leslie Lehr, Walter Mosely, Denise Hamilton and Sandra Tsing, watch here.





Model and former Real Housewife of Beverly Hills, Brandi Granville, talks with Leslie about lingerie as self-care. Listen here.





Sex Out Loud


Leslie joins Tristan Taormino on her Sex Out Loud Podcast to talk about her new book A Boob’s Life: How America’s Obsession with Breasts Shaped me…and You (Pegasus Books). Listen here!






Bloom with Tall Poppy Writers – Julie Cantrell chats with Leslie at this fabulous Facebook Book Club. Listen here.








The hilarious Femsplainers Podcast Episode is up. Have a listen!






CW3: Confidence: Women+Wealth+Wellness, hosted by the founder Robert Schein of Hightower Financial. Listen here.





Intimate Knowledge Podcast


Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine I’d be chatting about boobs with Dancing With the Stars host Brooke Burns, Real Housewife Meghan King Edmonds or the Magic Mike intimacy consultant Lila Darville. They were smart, fun, and we found plenty in common. Meghan says I’m hilarious. Who knew?

My interview on the episode, “My Breast Friend,” starts at 28:45. You can listen here.



The Life Box Media


This Life Box Media is available wherever you listen: You can listen to the interview here.





KATU-ABC TV – Watch Leslie say “nipples” on Portland’s longest running talk show here.






Frank Buckley interviews legends, from Kobe Bryan to Jay Leno to Ambassador Susan Rice.  And he could not say the word “boobs” with a straight face. You can watch it here.





INTERVIEW: Leslie Lehr, Author of A Boob’s Life
April 5, 2021
Read full interview about feminism and her family’s reaction to the memoir here…here.


Alumni Spotlight: Leslie Lehr ’82
By Jason Ng

Mother, writer, survivor. These are among the words to describe award-winning author Leslie Lehr, who overcame breast cancer and had recently released her personal memoir, A Boob’s Life. In her memoir, Leslie examines America’s obsession with the female body and how this craze affected her life and women in our culture today. She joins us to talk about her journey becoming a writer, what writing means to her, and her thoughts on how her writing and filmmaking paths converge.