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A Boob’s Life Cover

A Boob's Life


What makes A Boob’s Life unique? There are many books about breast cancer and body image, but this book does three things that have never been done before. First, it shows the double-edged sword of having breasts over a woman’s entire lifetime. Second, it examines a woman’s personal, emotional experience in relation to the wider lens of our nation. And finally, it acknowledges the power of biology in our lives as something that we can’t change, while exploring how the way we react to it can change the culture.


1. A Boob’s Life is at once a cultural history and a memoir. Why choose to relay your story in this way?

2. Throughout the book, we see your experience in show business as a producer and writer, and facing the barriers one might imagine as a woman in film in the 1980s and ’90s. How has this experience shaped your perspective on today’s #MeToo movement?

3. “Having it all” is one of the greatest fallacies of modern womanhood. As someone who has balanced career, marriage, and raising children, what do you hope working mothers take away from your story?

4. What’s the most interesting fact you’ve learned about breasts while writing this book? The funniest? The strangest?

5. As a mother to daughters, do you think society is kinder to women today than in previous generations? Or are the challenges just different?

6. Your two marriages detailed in the book could not be more different. What advice do you have for women embarking on a second marriage after one as traumatic as your first?

7. And then there is your biggest challenge of all—your breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. What do you hope readers take away from your experience as a survivor, whether they are fighting it themselves or someone in their life is undergoing treatment?


1. Why is this book not called, A Breast’s Life?

2. Why are boobs such a big deal?

3. Most feminists don’t try out for Playboy. Why did you? And why is this the first time you are talking about it?

4. What is the double bind of beauty & fashion?

5. Are celebrities in revealing gowns at award shows being empowered or exploited?

6. Are breasts “in” or “out” this year?

7. Your book is all about body positivity, but clearly a lot of people feel that small breasts or no breasts is not a positive. How can we get past this?

8. It’s commonly believed that breasts undergo the most surgery for cancer-related procedures, but is that true?

9. Most people think that women get breast implants out of vanity. Why did you?

10. What would you tell a woman who wants breast augmentation?

11. Why do you think breasts are censored?

12. How do breasts make women vulnerable to abuse?

13. Should all women breastfeed?

14. Woodstock is thought to be a utopia where men and women were free, especially during the sexual revolution of the late 1960’s. But you have a different take. Why?

15. You wrote this book because your breasts were crooked and you needed to understand why you were so desperate to fix them. Did you?

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