The Happy Helpful Grandma Guide

Happy Helpful Grandma GuideBuy the Book:

Published by: Meadowbrook Press
Release Date: 1994
Pages: 227
ISBN13: 978-0881662399



You’re used to running the show- calling the shots on everything from baby food to bedtimes. But you’re not the mother anymore – you’re the grandma, You need a special approach to play a positive role, stay in their lives, and enjoy your new status.
This book, written with wit and good sense from a mother and grandmother team, provides sound, practical solutions to generational problems.



You’ll learn how to:

• Be a vital part of the family from 3000 miles away
• Enjoy conflict-free visits and vacations
• Identify and relate to each stage of your grandhild’s development
• Help your grandchildren deal with divorce
• Relate to your in-laws without being an out-law

Between these short helpful chapters, enjoy a laugh with these shared truths.

You know you’re a grandma when:

• You start exercising again – just so you can lift the baby
• You learn to text – so you can communicate with the grandchildren.
• You buy birthday gifts all year round
• Your son wants to visit (with the kids)
• You install a crib in your den

About the Authors: Leslie Lehr is the author of Welcome to Club Mom and the mother of two daughters. Dr Claire J. Lehr, PhD, is a licensed marriage, family and child therapist.

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