Welcome to Club Mom

Welcome to Club MomBuy the Book:

Published by: CompCare Publishers
Release Date: 1991
Pages: 203
ISBN13: 978-0896382558


Humor and Truth in the pregnancy and the first year of motherhood.


Welcome to the club that offers lifetime membership and a sisterhood of women from every walk of life. Join author, Leslie Lehr, face the biggest challenge of her life despite being the daughter of a woman with a PhD in Child Development.

In these short chapters (who has time for more?), you’ll laugh at what the doctor doesn’t tell you and your mother has forgotten. You’ll hear club secrets, including how to schedule your morning sickness, plus the truth about waistlines, due dates, and date night. Each section ends with baby-related bon mots to keep you chuckling during that two am feeding.

You know you’re in the club when…

• All you want for your birthday is sleep.
• Even your mother starts listening to you
• You’re ready for bed when you used to be ready for dates.
• Vacation no longer applies to you

Welcome to Club Mom is a hilarious, hug of a book that celebrates the ups and downs of new motherhood. It was written in the 1990’s, before moms were bombarded with parenting advice. That means it reveals the simple truth of how a woman’s biological destiny isn’t so simple after all. In fact, it’s the most shocking change in a woman’s life. It’s also the most inspiring. Welcome to the club!