Below is a series of common questions regarding Leslie’s consulting services. If you have a question you don’t see listed, use the contact form to the right ask Leslie!

What is your strength as a consultant?

Story structure. I truly believe that without a strong scaffolding, your house will fall down. Plus, if you know what kind of story you are building, it will be a lot more fun to decorate.

When is the right time to reach out to you for consulting services? (i.e., What should I have prepared?)

You can come to me when trying to decide between ideas, when developing your idea into a full story, when you’ve hit a roadblock, or when you have the first draft written. I can help at any stage. Often, I’ll often ask for specific materials to aid the process.

Do I have to know the Truby 22 Step Story Structure Method?

No. While I encourage you to read Anatomy of Story (chapters 1- 4 and 8) to be familiar with the basic 7 steps, you do not need prior knowledge. However, I will use this proven method to break down your story. I will also use the Blockbuster program to be sure you are hitting the major plot beats, especially when combining genres. Beyond that, the issues of character and narrative prose – the actual writing – are all based on my personal experience and professional training.

Do you offer mentoring?

Yes. Packages vary. Please inquire via my contact page.

If I do what you say, do I have to share the credit with you?

No. You are responsible for every word on the page, whether you choose to use any or all of my suggestions. Your story has meaning because it comes from you, from your perspective and experience. My job is to help you find the strongest way to tell it. Besides, I have my own stories to tell. That’s why I love writing.

How long does a full manuscript consultation take?

I provide a detailed contract guaranteeing my services with a specific 6-week window. I usually deliver in less.

How do I pay you?

I accept Paypal, Venmo, and personal checks, paid in advance. For full consults, in case of emergency and I have not begun work, I will refund you in full. If I have begun, I will pro-rate my time.

How much do you charge for query letters?

If you provide three pages – a short synopsis, character list, and your resume/bio, the rate is $500. This may require research; it always involves questions or discussions with you for clarification. So far, every query I’ve written has enticed the recipient to request a sample. That’s the goal. This is a sales tool that can serve as the template for more than one agent query. These are often used by your agent to approach editors, and by your editor to approach sales and promotion personnel. My goal is to save you weeks of struggle over how to reduce a massive, heartfelt effort into a simple sales tool.

Can you get me an agent?

No. I can, however, tell you where to look. My goal is to help you get your story in shape so that when you do find an agent, they will find your work polished, professional – and compelling.