Will Covid Kill the Bra?

Will Covid Kill the Bra? By Leslie Lehr November 3, 2020 Are you wearing a bra? I mean the kind with the metal fasteners that Mark Twain invented. You read that right. The strap with hooks that has been digging into our backs for the last century was invented by Twain, aka Samuel Clemens, in…

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Did Covid Kill The Bra?

my pretty bra

Did Covid kill the bra?  When is the last time you wore a real one, with underwire and hooks in the back? For me it was date night. That’s right, the only action my bras have seen is when they are used to play dress-up. Even then it’s only the pretty ones made of lace…

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Why I Wrote A Book About Breasts

I never planned to write a book about breasts. I can barely say that word out loud. It conjures up so many serious things. Go ahead and google it – you’ll see. Boobs, on the other hand, is a lot more fun. Google that word and you get 919,000,000 hits, mostly porn, in .38 seconds.…

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