Confessions of a Boobs Book Launch

This past year of my boobs book launch has been crazy! I’m not talking about the brand new rules of book tours during a pandemic. No, it’s the subject. This is my seventh book, but talking about boobs every day took the experience to a whole new level. I won’t say my cups runneth over…

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A Boob’s Life TV Deal!

A Boob’s Life TV Deal? The night I decided to write a book about boobs, the title flashed in my mind like a movie marquis. I could see it. But never in my wildest dreams did I imagine other people could see it, too. Two producers (with boobs) got a sneak peek. They wooed me…

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Did Covid Kill The Bra?

my pretty bra

Did Covid kill the bra?  When is the last time you wore a real one, with underwire and hooks in the back? For me it was date night. That’s right, the only action my bras have seen is when they are used to play dress-up. Even then it’s only the pretty ones made of lace…

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