Mark Malatesta Interview with Story Consultant Leslie Lehr

Headshot photo of former literary agent Mark Malatesta wearing glasses

During this interview with former literary agent Mark Malatesta, prize-winning author, essayist, and Story Consultant Leslie Lehr discusses her work. This interview, available as text and audio (click here to listen to the audio recording) shares Leslie’s advice for authors of all genres. Leslie also explains which types of authors she’s most passionate about helping,…

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Confessions of a Boobs Book Launch

This past year of my boobs book launch has been crazy! I’m not talking about the brand new rules of book tours during a pandemic. No, it’s the subject. This is my seventh book, but talking about boobs every day took the experience to a whole new level. I won’t say my cups runneth over…

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Why I Wrote A Book About Breasts

I never planned to write a book about breasts. I can barely say that word out loud. It conjures up so many serious things. Go ahead and google it – you’ll see. Boobs, on the other hand, is a lot more fun. Google that word and you get 919,000,000 hits, mostly porn, in .38 seconds.…

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